Tasmania Wrest Point Hotel Casino


Tasmania does not get as much attention and tourism when compared to Melbourne and Sydney and hence the Wrest Point Hotel Casino also has a very low profile in Australia.

Casino Introduction: The Wrest Point Hotel Casino is considered to be the oldest casino in Australia and is run by the Federal Group who has an exclusive license to run the only casino in Tasmania. This exclusivity license will end in 2023 and the Tasmania government is considering the possibility of revoking this exclusivity agreement and opening out Tasmania to other casino operators.

The Federal Group has tried to maintain its exclusivity agreement by offering to invest $70 million in to the Wrest Point Hotel Casino and do a complete makeover, making the casino one of the top destinations in Tasmania but has stipulated that this investment will be made only if it gets as assurance from the government that its exclusivity contract will be renewed in 2023.

Casino Promotions: Since the Wrest Point Hotel Casino dominates the Tasmanian market, locals and tourists throng the casino when looking for a night of fun and entertainment. The casino regularly runs a number of promotions which it advertises on its website http://www.wrestpoint.com.au/specials/specialpromotions-en.html

Casino Overview: The casino is located within the Wrest Point Hotel and covers a total of 20,000 square feet. The casino has a total of 650 slot machines and 23 table games and does not operate 24/7. The casino is open from 9 am to 3 am from Sunday to Thursday and from 9 am to 4 am on Friday and Saturday. There is a special VIP gaming room available to high-rollers and non-smoking rooms available to patrons who want a smoke free atmosphere. The casino offers a number of popular table games including Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and a variety of electronic slots.

The casino has a total of 269 rooms that come with free-wifi acess, an express check-in and check-out. Room rates start from $399 as the property is a 4.5 star hotel.

itemelectronicgamingCasino Restaurants & Bars: The hotel has a number of restaurants that offer both local cuisine and international cuisines to cater to the variety of guests that visit the hotel and casino. Some of the popular ones include the Point Revolving Restaurant, Riverview Snacks, Pier One Restaurant & Bar and Loft Bistro. Guests who would like to have a quiet drink can visit the Casino Bar, Onxy Bar or the Birdcage Bar.

While things in Tasmania are a lot more quiet than Sydney and Melbourne, the Wrest Point Hotel also provides free live entertainment that usually happens inside one of the bars. This mostly consists of live bands playing different genres of music. The hotel publishes a schedule of free live entertainment which can be found at http://www.wrestpoint.com.au/entertainment/live-en.html

The hotel also offers a number of conference rooms and facilities that tend to attract some of the biggest seminars, workshops and business meetings in Australia.

Casino Location: The Wrest Point hotel is located in Sandy Bay and is quite near to the Narryna Heritage Museum and St. George’s Anglican Church.

The Wrest Point Hotel & Casino


Location: 410 Sandy Bay Road

Mailing address: 410 Sandy Bay Road

Hobart, Tasmania



Phone:  +61 3 6211 1750